[whip taking a cattle has great merit effect, filling kidney Zhuang Yang relies on it] – of action of _ advantage _

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Modern lacks enough time to maintain oneself body, but some are however cannot of ignored. Know pressure of all trades and professions is very great now, age of a lot of youths is light light this also is no good that also is no good, although the youth wants to be attached most importance to with the career, butNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Necessary health care is indispensable still. Niu Bian is one big treasure, bovine whip effect is very much, most common is Zhuang Yang filling kidney. Fall in love with the sea

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Whip taking a cattle has great merit effect, filling kidney Zhuang Yang relies on it

1, filling kidney,

This provision can increase airframe quantity of heat quickly, can rise to fill kidney the action of be good at body.

Whip taking a cattle has great merit effect, filling kidney Zhuang Yang relies on it

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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2, with form filling form,

The with form filling form statement that says because of place of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is very accurate, whip taking a cattle has very good Zhuang Yang effect. Contain rich protein, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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What kidney deficiency of yang causes is impotent have very good effect.

Whip taking a cattle has great merit effect, filling kidney Zhuang Yang relies on it

3, this food since Dou Zhuangyang action, also have very good effect euqally to seminal emission premature ejaculation so.

4, solid essence is earthed up yuan,

The protein in this food can give birth to essence of life to originally this, have to spermatozoon amount and quality rise very wellShanghai Long Feng forum

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5, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein is strong bone,

The protein in this food, adipose content is very high, to lumbar genu aching and limp, body abnormal sweating due to general debility goes out, spirit is depressed also have very good

Practice one: :

1.Niu Bian, use at goods to enter food commonly, appropriate uses water hair, 2 only then into. First time clear water is boiled fully, make its sufficient imbibe, bulk expand makes an appointment with one times. The 2nd times rub of salt, vinegar is washed, go odour of clean urine smell, reoccupy water has been boiled, sweet and not the smell of mutton, .

2.Great anger is sufficient, make an appointment with evaporate 1.5 small1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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When, soft sodden goluptious.

Practice 2: :

(1) water hair Niu Bian uses a knife to take vulture to become a certain number of chrysanthemum shape, relapse with Niu Qingshang scald, do not have fishy smell to Niu Bian.

(2) put Niu Bian little tub inside, enter clear soup, on basket stew 1 hour, add alcoholic drink of the Chinese caterpillar fungus that the bird has made, medlar and green, ginger, carry on again, stew 1 hour again, to Niu Bian glutinous of soft, Chinese caterpillar fungus is changed, medlar flavour excessive, teem soup juice, take out Niu Bian.

(3) the get angry that fry pan, infuse beef clear soup, add salt, gourmet powder, pepper, sesame oil, mix up flavour, become namely into soup dish.

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