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Each parent hopes children health is grown, but want to accomplish this, the child’s food is crucial, pass the nutrition with proper compensatory and comprehensive diet, enhance the child’s strength, the development of body and mind of stimulative child, the cookbook collocation of a day of 3 eat is very so exquisite, young now father and mother does not know these knowledge, because introduce in detail below this.

How is child cookbook tie-in? New mother will learn!

One, darling breakfast

1, darling breakfast importance

Occurrence attention begins to be not centered when the child that does not have breakfast attends the 2nd class, have the appearance such as petty action, they often cerebral function is reduced, study efficiency drops, be to be to use disease more by mistake. And breakfast did not eat, middaySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Meet a large number of taking food, such meetings make gastric wall is in nervous condition at a draught, time became long easy unripe stomach trouble.

2, how does darling breakfast eat

One of, must have breakfast everyday; Secondly, nutrient breakfast sort is rich; Thirdly, join vegetable and fruit; Its 4, to nibble slow pharynx.

3, darling breakfast note

Some breakfast do not suit darling to eat, if breakfast absorbs these food, compromise darling growth easily. Accordingly, breakfast should avoid to eat leftover ort, Western-style breakfast, deep-fried twisted dough sticks, snacks to wait as far as possible.

4, darling nutrition breakfast practice

Formula one: Green vegetables ham egg cake + biscuit yoghurt + apple

Formula 2: Dish flesh wonton + eggLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Decoct biscuit + orange

Formula 3: Nutlet samp + egg dried meat floss 3 civil treat

How is child cookbook tie-in? New mother will learn!

2, baby lunch

1, baby lunch importance

What learn to be offerred for children of our country school age according to Chinese nutrition is prandial and directive, the position of lunch is the most important in a day of 3 eat, should be childLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
Child 40% what provide full day energy, breakfast and dinner provide the energy of 30% each.

2, how does baby lunch eat

Lunch should use means of desert of staple food collocation, if want to transfer the interest of dot, can let themselves carry mess tin, thermos flask, next oneself decorate bag. Go to a supermarket choosing food together with the child.

3, darling lunch note

Baby lunch has a lot of notes, include food to want to notice soda acid is balanced among them, anteprandial drink Shang Hao, children drink pure fruit juice does not yield before lunch, the nutrition of the steamed bread is very important, the fish had better be stewed together with bean curd eat, let children not easily drink overmuch beverage, beware infant milk is exsanguine, and do not let children soup soak cooked rice in soup or water wait.

4, nutrient lunch recommends darling

Steamed yam

The white green that boil is oily crucian carp fish

The dawdle bean curd that stew

Mashed garlic horsebean

How is child cookbook tie-in? New mother will learn!

3, darling dinner

1, darling dinner importance

Dinner is apart from the following day be apart is controlled 10 hours in the morning, although say to food need not complement when Morpheus, but the child’s growth development also won’t stop momently however, nightly also be same, still want certain nutrient material. If dinner eats too less, cannot satisfy this kind of requirement, if things go on like this, the growth that can affect the child development. Visible, the child’s dinner cannot eat less not only, still answer satiate had eaten.

2, how does darling dinner eat

When the parent is preparing dinner to the child, need to be arranged meticulously, should do a few digest easily, the food of moderate of quantity of heat, wait like bean products, lean lean, fish, fungus, greengrocery. Face darling can let drink a cup of hot milk before sleeping.

3, darling dinner note

Eat dinner to want to notice to avoid to darling the following 4 errors: One of, the child should eat the meat everyday; Secondly: Soup soak cooked rice in soup or water is good digest; Thirdly: Dinner childShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Should eat little; Its 4, dinner eats fully to be able to affect Morpheus.

Shanghai dragonShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Phoenix forum Sh1f

Shanghai Long Feng forum

4, nutrient dinner recommends darling

Tomato egg congee

Egg shrimp dumpling

Cruelly oppress mixes meal.

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