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The hotpot that bake is strung together is at ordinary times very common cate is fastfood, the hotpot that bake is strung together taste taste not only delicious, and the taste bud that still can arouse a person, but for beautiful to love person, the quantity of heat that the very afraid hotpot that bake strings together is higher, after eating, can add weight, the quantity of heat that actually the hotpot that bake strings together is not especially other tall, and if be now and then the word of edible, what won’t cause to affect to the body commonly, but do not build prolocutor period edible.

The quantity of heat that hotpot strings together?

The effect that the hotpot that bake strings together and action

Hotpot sex is lukewarm, winter often eats hotpot, can increase human body quantity of heat not only, resist cold, and still can increase digest enzymatic, protect gastric wall, repair stomach mucous membrane, help taste is digested, rise to fight anile action.

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The making skill that the hotpot that bake strings together

1. is boiled several hawkthorn are put when making or a few turnips, gram, fry some of green, ginger, Zi is put to wait for spice to be able to go like that when making; of smell of mutton

2. eats rinse flesh current affairs to need rinse appears; Xia Qiu seasonal climate is hot and dry, unfavorable eat hotpot;

There are a lot of films in 3. hotpot, before cutting into shreds, answer first its eliminate, fry otherwise ripe hind fleshy film is good, taste difficult the following pharynx.

The quantity of heat that hotpot strings together?

Nutrient value:

1. contains a lot ofprotein, have maintain potassium natrium to balance; to eliminate oedema. Enhance immune power. Move low blood pressure, amortize anaemia, be helpful for growing development.

2. suits a crowd: Appropriate and angular, immune force is small, memory drops, oedema, long ill body empty or the benefit crowd that are empty fatigue. Reach blood of tuberculosis, tracheitis, asthmatic, anaemic, postpartum gas two empty, abdomen is cold the crowd such as aching and limp of genu of Xu Weihan of painful, body, hidebound, waist, impotent premature ejaculation.

The quantity of heat that hotpot strings together?

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Dietotherapy of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine:

1. raises a stomach: Warm stomach, treatShanghai Long Feng forum

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Cure stomach symptoms caused by cold factors. Counteract hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, alleviate gastralgia. Eliminate inflammation, remedial ulcer.

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2. Zhuang Yang: Stimulative sex function, raw energy aids Yo. Contain rich zinc, zinc is the important matter that forms testosterone, also be female reproduction organ secretes the element with indispensable lubricating fluid. Strong choice profit is angry, improve seminal quality, enhance spermatozoon vigor. Frequency of the impotent, lumbago that applies to be caused by of remedial kidney deficiency of yang, pee and fillShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
The air of the five internal organs is inadequate.

3. raises shade filling empty: Filling empty caustic, beneficial essence is angry, embellish lung filling kidney, use at cold disease of empty of lobar kidney deficiency of yin with irritability to all; of very big profit has filling kidney strong.

4. protects hair: Contain protein food, the assimilation of classics stomach bowel is absorbed form all sorts of amino acid, it is the essential part that composes hair horn albumen.

5. raises Yan Hufu: Can enhance cutaneous to fight scathing ability, enhance the skin tension, effect that removes wrinkle.

6. makes the same score asthma: Those who reduce breathing centre is stimulant, make breathe motion to tend quiet and present a town to cough the action that peace breathes heavily.

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7. filling empty: The symptom is ” cold ” , lumbar acid, limb algid, Wei is cold, the kidney deficiency of yang of oedema.

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