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In spring when a kind of fruit meets a large number of appearing on the market, be in southern region especially this is loquat. Believe a lot of people like to eat loquat, because of loquat oneself sweet degree very tall and 100 eat not be bored with. But loquat still has a kind of special magical effect, that relieves a cough namely, the loquat on the account that because be in,the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns is having very long relieve a cough the history. And the means that an evaporate makes use rock candy and loquat also is a kind of use loquat, how to use loquat of rock candy evaporate?

Loquat of rock candy evaporate

Rock candy stews loquat to have what effect

Loquat stews the effect of rock candy:

Loquat stews the organic acid that contains in rock candy, can stimulate digestive gland to secrete, to stomachic, side aid digestion is absorbed, bitter almond glucoside is contained in stopping to solve heat to have the action; loquat that comparative yearningly, can embellish lung relieves a cough, make expectoration easy, the diversiform battalion nurturance that a large number of our body place contain to need in treating all sorts of cough; loquat is divided, so it is a kind of fruit; traditional Chinese medical science that has effect of health care of extremely tall nutrition thinks theoretically, ying Yijian reducing weight is lienal, benefit water, expectorant for this, and loquat had these effect, reason is fructification of very good loquat of; of fruit reducing weight and Xie Youyi to control flu virus function, it is OK to often eat precautionary the four seasons catchs a cold.

Loquat of rock candy evaporate

Loquat stews the practice of rock candy:

Loquat 400 grams, longan flesh, cherry, lima-bean each 30 grams, rock candy 50 grams, rose candy is right amount.

1. general loquat is abluent, dissection with the knife, go the nucleus divides a skin, in putting boiled water bowl a bit scald, with strainer fish out, put into cold boiled water. In putting longan meat warm boiled water a bit the fish out after bubble, put a bowl inside.

2. fries boiler suffer from excessive internal heat, join clear water, rock candy to burn boil, meat of flesh of cherry, longan, candy of lima-bean, rose, loquat is added after waiting for rock candy to dissolve, boil boiler of of people of talent, enter become namely inside soup bowl. When mug-up, optional edible.

The effect photograph that stews rock candy to loquat through knowing everybody understood somewhat surely, it is OK to seem the child, old person edible will recuperate body of one private parts, want to whether have the patient’s condition with overmuch blood sugar certainly before edible to old people nevertheless, because many candy portion is contained originally in loquat, and rock candy prep let alone, if blood sugar is exorbitant long-term edible can cause the friend very likely to break out diabeticly.

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Loquat of rock candy evaporate

How to choose loquat

1, above all, should pick loquat fluff pink of complete, fruit is saved in good condition, loquat surface can have a fluff and shallow fruit white commonly, save in good conditionFall in love with the sea

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone
Did not suffer what loss in carriage process with respect to the specification, fresher, the nutrient composition content such as among them vitamin C is higher also.

2, the loquat fructification that suggests to choose moderate volume, mouthfeel will be betterer. Too big loquat may use expand agent, too small loquat specification is same the comparison of a knot of the fructification on the tree is much, nutrition will be a few poorer.

3, the loquat with deeper color, maturity is better, mouthfeel is sweeter also, local color is rich; and color is light yellow, paly, pulp the loquat that hard, peel pares not easily, it is immature or the loquat that is not normal maturity.

4. loquat has two kinds, one kind is red meat loquat, one kind is loquat of plain boiled pork.

The feature of loquat of plain boiled pork:

Pulp white comes flaxen, do not take orange yellow. The fructification that almost all plain boiled pork approves Pa leather Bao Yi pares, the flesh is qualitative exquisite, soft and easy be in harmony, juice much smell is sweet tastily, quality actor, comfortableForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Eat; the skin of fruit at delicacy thinner, do not be able to bear or endure lay aside carry, unwell1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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At treatment, be born easily feed. For instance: Bai Li (a kind of) of loquat of plain boiled pork, autumn in April the last ten-day of a month.

The feature of red meat loquat:

Gains of red meat loquat is small-scale to medium-sized, pulp is yellow, orange yellow or orange is gules, the flesh is qualitative thicker, taste is thicker. Peel is thick, be able to bear or endure lay aside carry.

If loquat is put inside freezer, because hydrosphere is overmuch,be met and blacken, store commonly in dry and ventilated place can. Because loquat contains much phenol kind composition, after decorticating, easy brown is changed become angry, dip in cold water, syrup or brine, can prevent become angry.

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