[drink chicken broth to raise a stomach] – of effect of _ of _ chicken broth

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Chicken broth is a kind of liquid that be made with chicken and becomes. Chicken broth is having very high nutrition value, the person with a lot of bad constitutions, can drink chicken broth come nourishing body. So, drink chicken broth to you can raise a stomach? Actually, drinking chicken broth is to be able to be amounted toForum of Shanghai night net

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Of the raises a stomach effect to certain level, but to a few1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Have the patient of stomach trouble, e.g. patient of the chronic shallow gastritis that express a gender, can not drink chicken broth namely.

Drink chicken broth to raise a stomach

One, the nutrient value of chicken broth

Although chicken broth is not the medicaments that treats a cold, but it can alleviate the symptom of the cold and the immune function that improve human body because chicken broth can restrain the excessive of the inflammation inside human body and mucus effectively to arise,this is, conduce to those who reduce nasal cavity jamming the aching feeling with throat, the frequency of cough also can decrease relatively. So, in conquer cold and flu process, chicken broth is a kind active ” irregular troops ” . Comparing sensitive period, drink some of chicken broth to be told to healthy person more conduce to increase oneself immunity capacity, flu virus close the door on, and already was told to those by the patient of flu virus captive, be helpful for its restraining a large number of generation of the inflammation that causes because of the cold and mucus, reduce the anguish that the cold brings thereby.

2, the making method of chicken broth

Want to go to hypodermic grease of chicken dropping before the chicken broth that boil, it is the OK and direct purify around the buttock commonly, when boiling section biscuit can be used to suck volt in the oil of fluid face when small fire is stewed.

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Law, the thing of the oil absorption that can add and so on of some of wax gourd, dawdle is burned together, be less than oil with respect to the feeling.

Drink chicken broth to raise a stomach

3, 5 kinds of people are unfavorable drink chicken broth

Patient of the chronic shallow gastritis that express a gender, itself hydrochloric acid in gastric juice much, digestive function is bad, drink chicken broth to be able to promote hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete more, go against not only digest, can increase gastric bowel burden instead, cause indigestion.

Cholecystitis and cholelith disease often send an author, unfavorable drink chicken broth more, because the adipose assimilation inside chicken broth needs bile to attend together, can exciting gallbladder is contractive after drinking chicken broth, easy cause cholecystitis show effect.

Patient of disease of acerbity blood of high make water is unfavorable drink chicken broth, because chicken broth is contained a lot of,purine is mixed adipose, gout of meeting prevail on breaks out.

Disease of tall blood fat and fatty liver patient, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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In chicken broth adipose after be being absorbed, can make cholesterol of hematic fat, blood lift further, cause adipose accumulative inside liver, can be inside blood-vessel velar deposit, cause the morbid state such as coronary artery sclerosis.

Drink chicken broth to raise a stomach

Nephritic function is not complete patient, protein of certain young member is contained inside chicken broth, have effect of acute nephritis, urgent chronic kidney not complete or uremic disease person, because of disease person kidney liver is right eggNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Disclose result character in vain cannot punctual deal with, drink much chicken broth can cause disease of tall nitrogen qualitative blood, the process of aggravating disease.

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