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Pumpkin is we live to see when middling one kind feeds capable person, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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It not only have very good dietotherapy effect, still have certain officinal effect, in arthritis of prevention and cure e.g. it the respect can produce certain effect, to arthritic patient, go up at ordinary times can eat a few, except it still has the certain effect that fight cancer beyond this, it to preventing male prostate cancer also has very good dietotherapy effect. We will read the content of this respect.

Pumpkin treats arthritis

Pumpkin treats arthritis

Pumpkin and soya-bean milk evaporate are boiled, can prevent and cure degrade quality gonitis and prevent cancer! Pumpkin nutrition content is rich, can feed, but meal, but dish, but medicine, it is important melon kind, according toSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Report, japanese Hokkaido has a village, the villager is staple food with pumpkin, this village is done not have diabetic with hypertensive patient, consequently pumpkin makes the natural provision of fashionable Japan.

Pumpkin contains protein, saccharide, adipose, cellulose, calcic, phosphor, iron, ammonia of purine of C of carotene, vitamin, gland, essence is acerbityLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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, alcohol of Ba Jian of acid of melon ammonia acid, lucid asparagus ammonia, calabash, manna.

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The flower contains the moisture content of 95% , what its contain quantity of heat (100 grams of 16 kilocalorie ╱) inferior. But the high grade origin that pumpkin is vitamin A. To controlling quantity of heat of purpose person, in salad, soup and braise dish but edible pumpkin is beautiful.

Pumpkin treats arthritis

Melon seeds has the effect that fight cancer south:

Melon seeds contains rich quantity of heat south (553 kilocalorie ╱ 100 grams) , with rich protein, zinc, iron and phosphor. Accordingly, want edible only everyday the pumpkin of 28 grams child, can be in prandial nutrition1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Produce apparent effect.

Melon seeds still contains pumpkin ammonia acid, leaf fat and urea to decompose Man south. The composition in adipose oil is the glycerine ester such as flax benevolence oleic acid, oleic acid, hard oleic acid.

Melon seeds fosters individual plant JTC26 to be chosen outside body to cancer cell of human body cervix south have inhibition, restrain rate in 90% above.

Schistosome of other Shang Youkang reachs action of drive bug bug: Melon seeds has schistosome of check curb Japan to be in south the action of divide with a hyphen at the end of a line of liver of animal body introversion, in order to treats schistosomiasis.

Drive bug, ascarid, after be being reached to the middle of beef bug or pork bug paragraph have hemp effect, make attenuate, broaden, proglottis is mid cave.

Pumpkin treats arthritis

Pumpkin studies in modern medicine, can prevent effectively and cure is hypertensive, diabetic and hepatic a few pathological changes, be called again ” the food that prevent cancer ” one of.

The manna alcohol that pumpkin place contains has aperient effect again, can reduce the toxin in excrement and urine to be endangered to human body, to preventing colon cancer has its use.

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