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In western country, golf attributes movement of a kind of noble, some closer year come golf is in our country more and more popular also, the proper at ordinary times training that has golf, also have profit to the body, as the pose that understanding wants to grasp lever for abecedarian, want to know the method of a few basic training, golf is belonged to thanForum of Shanghai night net

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Relatively the motion that burns money, still can have special golf field, we will understand the content of this respect.

Golf elementary course

Golf elementary course

Folk of golf traceable Scotland, form at 14, 15 centuries. Current and popular wait for a country at North America, Western Europe, Australia, south Africa, Asia. Chinese the Song Dynasty, yuan, the activity that bright period ever shed an one sort to be like golf, call ” beat bolus ” . Contemporary golf motion passes into China at 19 centuries. 80 time Guangdong builds 20 centuries field of the first golf. Went up with the Asian games 1998 1994, chinese athlete obtains golf man individual to surpass name and the 2nd women’s team event the 3rd.


Golf allows field to grow 5943.6-6400.8 rice, cover an area of an area to be 50 hectare to be controlled to 100 hectare commonly. Set 18 balls hole, each balls are the lane that from beginning to end joins between the hole, long1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Degree 1000 one more than meters 500 differ. Differ with lane length and be ball hole cent long hole, medium hole and short hole. A terminus of every ball hole between ” serve area ” , ” lane ” , ” area length grass ” , ” jumping pit ” , ” water obstacle area ” and ” ball hole area ” etc.

Golf elementary course


Golf exercise equipment is not much, with respect to different, accordingly we must understand, golf shows a circle, it is a very simple thing, but wanting to had been hit is not so easy however. Ball kernel is made by the synthetic material of similar vulcanite, crust bag has the hard and smooth synthesis stuff that bestrews a lot of small sunken circles, also can circle a shirr again between ball kernel and crust. The diameter is not less than 42.67 millimeter, weight is not more than 45.93 grams.

Golf ball lever

A kind of golf exercise equipment, we are being hit1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
The need when golf is used come at ball lever drive, concede points enters a hole, the ball lever that chooses to suit oneself is very important, it is better on field to can help us play a ball game. Staff is about 1 meter or so senior. Cent holds body of handle, lever and lever head 3 parts, with lever head drive. Have wood pole and iron Peng two kinds. Wood pole is by length cent 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, basically attack remote ball. Iron lever is by length cent 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, control the direction of drive more easily. Say commonly, the number number of ball lever is smaller, lever body is chiefer, the angle between face of lever head drive and lever body axes is smaller also, the distance that hits a ball is further also.

Play golf 10 big profit

1. exercises

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The transliteration of one word of English Golf, be in Scotland dialect ” attack, dozen ” meaning. But somebody discovers it also is green (Green) , oxygen (Oxygen) , sunshine (Light) , with the footstep (the combination of Foot) , this just and golf should be on the overlapping meadow that is full of fresh air and sunshine rambling drive happens to have the same view. Hit high ball to be benefited to body lifetime, high ball motion measures strong weak moderate, old in young is appropriate, youthful society, old also can hit, ball of this unlike other is intense, old cannot hit. Additional, hit high ball very effective also to reducing weight, the woman that hits high ball is good figure.

Golf elementary course

2. can act oneself alone

A few ball games should have ability of two people above to hit, attribute the movement of the group, but golf is different, if we think Jing Yijing of a person, we can play golf, a person goes, do not need a person to accompany, footloose, those this is right wanting that a person is best place to go for person of calmly alone.

3. parts company with undesirable hobby

A lot of high ball friends have this experience, other can get not quite after hitting high ball the influence of undesirable hobby, because be free to want to go,exercise field makes a few a bamboo basket, adjust a movement, good to hit a ball prepares, hit a ball tired, tired want to sleep!

4. is managing expenditure

This is the person that has dinner party or undesirable interest to those for, for meal of dinner party feed or other is recreational activity, big customer wants commonly 349, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
On 10 thousand much, if the other side hits high ball, ask him to play a ball game had better not pass, qian Jie was made an appointment with, still exercised the body, the other side is happy also.

5. adjusts mood

Hit high ball most be afraid of acute, strength is hit urgently for certain bad, this is best harden oneself to the person of those pepperbox, the moment of truth must keep calm, what is crucial? A minute be brandish lever and push rod, must keep calm, control good mood, cannot abstracted. As time passes, disposition also gets harden oneself, work sedate.

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