Mausoleum of different region battlefield is expeditionary ” edition of sword world green ” new PVP plays the line on the law

Ground palace hides the message of treasure to accompany croon of sand blown by wind, lick big desert spreads everywhere to Central Plains. Appear of corner of imperial tomb of emperor of the Western Xia regime accidentally, let be opposite sealed to all corners of the country that treasure is full of curiosity people mood emerges move, and there can be what kind of wonderful risk again in dim ground palace. ” edition of sword world green ” fanaticism of 100 class storm was performed in April, new PVP plays a law to big desert Mi Cheng will raid, passionate battle on the verge of breaking out.

Fokelore is buried by develop postscript Yuan Hao in those days the treasure inside ground palace mausoleum is according to the god of the land and the god of the grain-the state of the land of country the graph pushs the unique Wu Xuebi that act and becomes to coil, inside the vast Mi Cheng that Di Lingyin hides in cloud top heavenly palace, among them body is heavy the crisis 4 bend over, still have come from other of the person that find treasure chase after kill with menace, this one life and death is right definitely the brigade of explore treasure. ” edition of sword world green ” since measuring, greet first cross take PK to play a way, the masters that come from different server will meet inside Mi Cheng, the past master that this already right taking people if point to a palm? Push the door of the Mi Cheng of dusty for a long time, the ace that goes seeing knowledge and experience knows other area to take people, give you the sense that find everything new and fresh absolutely. It is with maniple group, cross take play rise ~

In sealed area exploration, all around the crisis 4 bend over, the assault before still can be dealt with, the sniper’s shot that comes from backside should give trustful teammate. In the ground palace of vast Mi Cheng, be opposite those who adopt profound difference definitely means, participation master order and degree reachs unified switch 99 class, equipment also equips switch into profound difference. When everybody’s difference is narrowed, operation and tacit understanding appear should rise again particularly. Inside vast Mi Cheng at the same time mix PVE and PVP play a way, not only firm should follow quickly on output BOSS, also demand is in encounter enemy when can enter can retreat. How tie-in your team, perhaps decided whether you can connect Guan Mi city oh ~

Since finds treasure, have treasure necessarily. Risking so big risk to come to Mi Cheng, promotive affirmation is little not the treasure chest it may be said that the heart law incomplete that ~ hides Wu Lin to learn absolutely coils is to have everywhere brush, swift-handed the hand is not had slow! Each connect the award that can receive do not pooring afterwards, it may be said is the real force that brushs treasure. New case still will appear besides small box of eliminate masters’ already hep week day treasure, want to know open has what kind of surprise, city of fast Lai Mi is expeditionary, very other people exceeds a value!

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