Han Cong: For a time him pain or numbness caused by cold of every the tuber of elevated gastrodia is aided push two-men to slip enter new era

(Sohu sports Guo阿拉爱上海同城

Jian was sent on April 27 from Beijing) good-bye Han Cong, in the joyance that he has spent Hua Shijin contest to gain the championship from Helsinki of the Finland before a month calm come down. This two-men slippery famous general that still does not arrive 25 years old is in a few years of experience between can say in the past is big Bei great rejoicing, the injury with companion gentle and quiet the Sui Dynasty lets him feel confused for a time, and the name comes solid the gold that return let him be full of a hope to future again.

“I believe Sui Wenjing to be able to come back from beginning to end, never have the problem that has thought she can skate again, kind of ineffable force tells me to say to do not have a problem at that time, ” face numerous reporter, han Cong thinks back to above all case last year May that paragraph of provoking day. As a result of injury accumulate, sui Wenjing must be in the companion that Han Cong two-men slips 3 courtyards accept boreal medical service on the right side of deputy ligament of the side outside the ankle rebuilds and operation of restoration of left ankle tendon, double to this kind foot at the same time the cure of the operation, everybody in the heart bottom of it doesn’t matter, although Han Cong believes competition ground of return of small companionate and regular meeting in belief backbone, but the feeling that Gu of one individual ice stadium trains personally is really provoking, “My person looks at other teammate training, have kind of lose feeling really. At that time is paralytic everyday oneself, quite dull also, ” although the companion is not beside,do not pass, han Cong also lives the life that does not have playday however, “Every day busy, every day tired, oneself have new injury… can be to try hard to overcome ceaselessly only during this, solve 上海千花网论坛

problem and ego sublimate, return to Sui Wenjing continuously all the time ice later period of time. Return to Sui Wenjing continuously all the time ice later period of time..

To Han Cong, issue of these a few years of ill is real in the past the thing is too much. 2012, injury nearly of Sui Wenjing forfeited her professional career. Because be used all the year round all around cast jump and all around twist turn wait for tall difficulty movement, the skeletal concussion of high strenth lets Sui Wenjing control two feet to each two ligament rupture not only, still caused serious framework dirty is phlogistic. Injury lets them do not have Olympic Winter Games of agree of predestined relationship all alone. “The stuff that those years the match gets and loses makes me mature rise, but oneself are befuddled at that time, do not know the reason that succeed and fails, ” Han Cong says frankly oneself did not look up without the face for a time see teammate coach, “Had arrived at上海千花社区

that time by cereal, do oneself to do not have confident movement even everyday, face a coach to be criticized to mine, want to be finished in the heart, fortunately him little grows rose. ” low ebb of career of on-the-job course of study period, what think in Han Cong heart is ” consc爱上海同城论坛

ientiously is an upright person, sureness works ” . “I should let myself have progress everyday, result change of that year I also did not think of, successful rate came up, behavioral quality also rose, ” Han Cong discloses is from at that time oneself and Sui Wenjing made smooth prosperous Olympic Winter Games mix 2022 Beijing / the target of Olympic Winter Games of Zhang Jia mouth, “The match of our every time is mixed later train to have different experience and correct state of mind accuse, meantime also can undertake with the coach very good benign discuss, fumble come out these valuable knowledge and experience make us climb from inside fall and failing step by step. Fumble come out these valuable knowledge and experience make us climb from inside fall and failing step by step..

What the maturity of technology, psychology brings is the change of state of mind, the match is mentioned before take part in the match the target has a place ” fear ” Han Cong expresses clearly, pressure has the task to be no problem, want to take 上海龙凤论坛

the first namely, “If dare be not being faced, we also stand not to rise all one’s life, belief is very so sturdy now. Belief is very so sturdy now..

Besides daily training, the Han Cong that the state promotes a new height, Sui Wenjing also begins to consider to slip for figure skating two-men bring a few beneficial changes. For this Han Cong learned modern dance, the more in also training drew lessons from the good part in putting dance on the ice. “On the technology we increase difficulty even. After all we are very young still, capable to challenge very much action. The self-confidence of two people上海千花网交友

is mixed now master difficulty capability is very more than promoting before also. So challenge difficulty is not a problem, still have very large space, ” Han Cong says, “The end that him distance means in the heart now still has a space, because we think a two-men is slippery,reach the level that puts dance on the ice. I feel performance glacial dance is a taller artistic state, we also consider the form with a taller state of art of two-men slippery make it. If slip glacial dance and two-men,organic confluence is together, so a new form was born. So a new form was born..

“We should lead a period, ” if listening to Han Cong, sui Wenjing cannot help agitato says. To this slippery to two-men combination, the champion that world bright and beautiful surpasses just begins, and besides achievement, what they had begun to consider to develop in this motion is boundless on long way, oneself footmark below greatly bake in a pan! (Sohu sports Guo Jian / civil)

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