WTO adjudication United States still exists violate action of company of compasses allowance Boeing

Geneva of Xinhua News Agency on June 9 report (reporter Ling Xin is applied found a state) World Trade Organization releases the adjudic上海同城对对碰交友社区

ation that carries out a circumstance in the light of case of allowance of American Boeing company 9 days to report, washington city of ruling United States still puts those who be in pair of Boeing companies to violate compasses allowance act.

WTO goes out in report middle finger, the policy reducing tax that American Washington city implements in the light of Boeing company causes aircraft of series of the o of A320 n e with familial airbus and o of A320 c e to 爱上海同城对对碰

be in inc上海千花社区

ur of market of large and civil aircraft is great loss, export to o of A320 c e at the same time cause tremendous resistance to the market such as the United States and A couplet chief of a tribe. Carry out comply with what this one policy disobeyed the United States to was made 2012 the acceptance that adjudicates on related case of Boeing company allowance.

Actually, last year in November, it is to be in the lawsuit that the European Union mentions likewise, the duty Wu favourable policy that新上海贵族宝贝论坛

WTO ever ruled Washington city is aimed at native aviation industry this is violated compasses, maintain Boeing of American illegal allowance accordingly 777 X business uses wide body aircraft.

But in the court decision in 9 days, WTO rules at the same time, what the European Union accuses in this case is other involve the United States federally, the allowance behavior that wait already was opposite bureau of state government, space navigation, department of defense no longer interest of business of empty customer company constitutes main effect.

American commerce made a statement that day on behalf of the office, think to adjudicate square to the United States for mean ” major victory ” , because WTO rejected an European Union to be aimed at American federal and project of state level allowance,29 accuse 28 medium; And be aimed at exclusive an allowanc上海贵族宝贝交流区

e project that still gets doubt, the United States expresses to prepare to continue appeal.

Presiding apparitor of empty customer firm Thoms Enders says in a statement, this the court decis阿爱上海同城

ion is ” when business uses trade of aviation domain fairness great victory ” , emphasize WTO must be clear about make clear, “The international responsibility that can evade them without government and enterprise ” .

With Boeing and empty guest tycoon of two big aviation is the aviation industry between focal United States and European Union to turn over allowance conflict long-standing. 2004, the United States offers suit to WTO, accusation European Union with multiform provide illegal subsidy to empty customer firm; And the European Union also sues American government to provide a huge sum to Boeing company to WTO subsequently illegal allowance.

Be aimed at case of Boeing company allowance, WTO ever published adjudication report in March 2012, the branch such as area of and other places of Washington city of cognizance United States, Kansan, Illinois and bureau of American space navigation, department of defense, Department of Commerce passes support of taxation derate, research and development for a long time to wait for means to Boeing the company provides a help, make illegal allowance conduct. The United States expresses to be willing subsequently comply with implements a court decision, time limit is 6 months. September 2012, the European Union carries out a circumstance to be sued to WTO again with respect to this case, think the United States fails to fulfil commitment, cancel is all allowance or eliminate its negative effect.

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