Business of 60 thousand Fujian goes to Ningxia to invest mutual benefit of mutually beneficial running a plant to come true double win

1996, the State Council decides side of Fujian speak or sing alternately helps Ningxia up. From this, fujian business is arisen the spring tide that raise peace, 10 come for years, business of nearly 60 thousand Fujian goes to Ningxia investment to run a plant early or late. They produce the advantage such as capital, technology, market, development helps deficient industry, benefit poverty masses, become the main force that prize Ningxia economy grows.

Xi Haigu had ” give big talk “

From car of Yinchuan town drive 350 kilometers go south 3 many hours, arrived national emphasis connects an area of the assault fortified positions that help deficient up — the solid former city of area of 6 dishes of a mountainous area Xi Haigu. Sail along hill direction westing from solid former city again a many hour, the agriculture of Ningxia Hua Lin that can arrive at Fujian business Lin Shuiying to manage develops limited company integratedly. Arrive the summer, the old freight car that has replete and high grade cold cool vegetable everyday from here in a steady stream sails ceaselessly piece, sail to and other places of the Fujian besides a thousand li, Guangdong, export abroad even.

Vegetable of solid former city is many south selling is in recent years ability some thing. Solid place manages division of yellow mound hill, drought little rain, summertime Wen Liang, do not suit kind of commissariat, but the Leng Liang that suits to cultivate nutrition to abound very much is vegetable. Long-term since, because be far from metropolitan, traffic inconvenience, add idea idea to close backward, solid former Leng Liang is vegetable ” go not to go out ” , and this locality consumes ability very finite, “The sale is difficult ” make local government and masses very anxious.

2008, when vegetable distributor Lin Shuiying follows Fujian entrepreneur investigation group to make an on-the-spot investigation to Xi Ji county of solid former city, discover, the summer is solid the busy season of raw cold cool vegetable production, the sky that is southern and vegetable production fitly is current, inside this accumulate contain tremendous business chance. Then, her investment is registered 10 million yuan in Xi Ji county established collect vegetable to plant establish, treatment, cold storage, last the subsidiary that reachs a sale to be an organic whole, the sale channel that the vegetable such as manufacturing Xi Qin, tomato relies on its Fujian parent company sells the 20 many cities such as upgrade sea, Guangzhou, export country and the area such as Japan, Russia secondhand, opened vegetable of Leng Liang of Xi Ji county from th上海贵族宝贝论坛

is ” give big talk ” .

Soon Lin Shuiying works prosperously, business of a batch of Fujian follows early or late into, cold cool vegetable develops solid former town quickly rise. Predict this year the end of the year, area of establish of colza of greens of solid former Leng Liang will achieve 500 thousand mus of above, predict total output 2 million tons, production value 2.4 billion yuan, farmer average per capita increases net income 923 yuan. Current, solid already formed stable sale network in the 20 many cities such as Wuhan, Changsha formerly, the cold cool vegetable that falls south is achieved 70% the left and right sides.

The potato upgrades change biscuit

Enter peace as Fujian business, new industry is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, great the industry that promoted Ningxia poverty area upgrades and structural adjustment.

In Ningxia 6 dishes a mountainous area, cultivating the produce with the widest, the biggest crop is a potato. Come nearly 10 years, local government is dedicated to developing potato deep treatment, but foreland already held upland of potato deep treatment, potato piece market competition is intense, accordingly, capital, technology is in deep treatment of 6 dishes of of inferior positi爱上海同城对对碰

on a mountainous area potatoes to have a breakthrough hard all the time, stay basically in the primary stage that becomes starch and noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch with potato. 2010, emperor of Fujian business strict country investigates discovery, space of countrywide cookie market is very large, especially potato cookie market is almost blank. Then, he invests on 100 million yuan to build company of food of emperor having a state in Xi Ji county, produce the product such as Ma of potato biscuit, Sha Qi and potato young, year digestive potato is counted ton, production value is close 100 million yuan. Because use little potato to do, it is raw ingredient, better that its product has former juice hold the advantage such as nutrient composition, the market is accepted degree tall. Current, this company produces ” potato state ” card 3 old series the potato product of 26 breed, area of popular already northwest.

In Fujian business drive, in last few years 6 dishes a mountainous area 23 estates development is very rapid, a batch of produce machine bibcock enterprise be born, a few industries came true from do not have have. The company of domestic famous clothing such as talent dress, interest bully enters garden of peaceful industry of Fujian of county of the heart that be stationed in grand, electronic manufacturing industry first county of settle Xi Ji. Current, solid former city coulds there be twice in the Fujian that build industrial garden already was entered be stationed in an enterprise many 20, always invest 100 million yuan about a hundred, involve the trade such as service of pro爱上海

duce treatment, light industrial, electron, content shedding, trade, not only changed this city to be produced alone old industrial structure, and induct several farmers obtain employment.

Mutually beneficial mutual benefit comes true double win

Come for years, fujian business is helped up in the side while Ningxia develops, oneself also is able to expand ceaselessly. Huang Tian of 43 years old is entered is person of Fujian spring city, did poineering work to Ningxia 1988. Go all out through be being hit a few years, huang Tian had into the rice cake of 10 thousand benefit that manages with family certain and famous degree. After Fujian peaceful cooperation begins, in local government support energetically below, the enterprise enlarge scope that Huang Tian takes, go up class, development is very rapid. Current, the limited company of Mai Erle food that Huang Tian takes has home’s top-ranking product line, the 6 old series such as manufacturing biscuit, cake are close 200 breed, annual produce amounts to many yuan 7000, the Islamic cake that makes Ningxia come first on the list produces a business.

According to statistic, the stone material that at present Fujian business manages, lumber takes Ningxia market the portion of 80% above, pottery and porcelain is occupied 60% , civilian battalion hospital occupies 90% above, of Ningxia each district farming endowment city basically also is built by Fujian business place. Fujian business increases many yuan 600 of present by a few original y新上海贵族宝贝论坛

uan in the investment of Ningxia, scope of operations also enlarges the domain such as the sources of energy, building, chemical industry, estate by the traditional advantage project such as stone material. Ningxia of have the aid of to the dominant position that bridge tower opens on the west, fujian business already began to plan Arabia country is entered on the west, market of development middle east.

This year, fujian peaceful both sides increased strength o上海千花网龙凤论坛

f the cooperation that help deficient up. In May, 100 Fujian business goes to peace to make an on-the-spot investigation on invitation, with solid former city signed many 上海千花网

yuan 70 investment project. Ningxia helps deficient up to do director Dong Ling to express, future, ning Sha and Fujian will produce sound adequately on the west inland of bank economy area, Ningxia is open model advantage of platform of economic test division, drive business of two provinces division to cooperate to develop to depth. (reporter Ta Zhaobing makes approach)

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